Dan Tuffy, musician, producer.

  • Official Video for “The Biggest Bastard who ever Rode the West”

    The new record COUNTRY STAR came out on 2 June and gigs are planned for July & August in Australia, and for the fall in Europe (tickets in link!). There has also been attention in the music press like the story below from Music Maker in The Netherlands. They wrote that it was a “beautiful organic sounding” record. The title translates roughly to “Rough Textured Alt-Country via Black & White TV tubes”. The Dutch language is all about precision and exactness. Clearly, I overdid when I was asked me about my gear. I told them all about my new-old stock 1957 General Electric television vacuum tubes that currently occupy my main guitar amp – for a long time. They ran with it.

    Then there’s this: by the time an album comes out I’ve heard it so often that I’m ready to move on. I’m rehearsing for my upcoming shows at the moment and I should be going over the stuff thats just come out or other things I want to play live, but I find myself mucking about on some new riff, groove or song fragment instead. Is this a problem? I will no doubt find out the next time I walk onto a stage in front of you. Meanwhile, if you havent had a listen to COUNTRY STAR already, wrap your listening gear around this and wish me well!

  • Album done and dusted!

    My new solo album is finished! It’s called SONGS FROM DAN and will be released first in August in Australia, then later in the year in Europe. This clip here on the home page is one of the songs from it. I shot it on my phone while recording the song – true ay. Thats Matt, Lucie and Grant who played on my album who you can see starring there in this epic cinematic production that cost me hours of stress in Final Cut Pro for Idiots. And also, Rowan the engineer at Matts’ sudio makes a cameo appearance. Fine times. Im not in the clip. Im behind the scenes.