I have an extremely high-quality portable set-up for recording on location. I prefer recording small-scale acoustic sessions, and my gear is oriented towards this. It’s a hybrid set-up that contains the best of both digital and analogue technology. I like to color and torture my signal path with Tube-Tech, Crane Song and Thermionic Culture hard-wired outboard gear – all crucial to the SOUND. I love sound.

For all you gear heads out there here is my list of weapons of choice:

Analogue: AEA R88 Stereo Ribbon mic, AEA R84 mic, 2 x Josephson C42, 2 x Nueman KM 184 plus a variety of Shure/Sennheiser etc

Crane Song Spider – 8 channel recording pre-amp/summing mixer (TOP SHELF hybrid/analogue in-digital out)

Tubetech LCA 2A Stereo compressor, Thermionic Culture Rooster valve pre-amp/eq, 2 x Urei LA4 Compressor Limiter

Digital: UAD Apollo 8 interface with UAD vintage plug-in suite, Exponential Audio R4 reverb and effects suite

I’ve been involved in the production of dozens of albums over the years. This sampler from my label Smoked Recordings will give you an idea of where I’m coming from. Not all these mixes were done soley by myself but I’ve been involved in the recording and production of most of these tracks. If you like what you hear, are thinking about embarking on a project and could use some direction get in touch.