Dan Tuffy, musician, producer.

  • Studio 150 Live Show

    We have have just been back to Studio 150 for a live recording session in front of an audience. This was just so cool.  We previwed material from the upcoming new album COUNTRY STAR and tried sme new stuff out as well.

  • Story Song Time

    Ive done a handful of these. They are 15-20 minutes long. I place them on my youtube channel or on social. I tell a story or an anecdote, create a little film footage and play a song or two. This one is called “Jungle Perch”. It’s me and a childhood friend of mine out on the river fishing and spinning yarns. 

  • Taking it slow in mix-down

    Zlaya is working from a semi-permanent studio in a hotel basement in Barcelona that he’s recently moved into. I dont have a picture of him or his set up. Thats a bummer really he deserves some attention as his role as a partner in this adventure is crucial. But here are a few more pics of the SONG CREW I recorded with in Studio 150 in Amsterdam back in May instead. So yeah – getting started on mixdown took a while because Z was between work spaces, and now that he’s into it its taking a while again coz it just does when you start trying stuff out. I like it this way tho. No deadlines. Do what you can when you can….and get it right is the motto. I just got a rough mix of a song from him today that Im pretty happy with it. Ive also decided to record a different version of it. So…the mixing is part of a circular process not a straight line to the finish…more like a meandering trail with some side-tracks and back-tracks and re-records as new sounds spark new ideas. Focusing on the finish line just takes me outa the process and away from dealing with what comes up as it comes up. And…. Im enjoying the process…. it merges mixing with performing. Getting it right. Everyone in a hurry – fuck that. We got all the time in the world (photo Misha & Madelief).