New plans for a new year

God willing and the creek dont rise an album release in April/May followed by a bunch of shows. I have began a partnership with Gijs at Harvest Music in Eindhoven who will be booking gigs and running a promotion campaign for the release of “Country Star” this year. I’m pretty happy to be on board they have brought some great music to Europe and run a tight ship. Down to Earth, no bullshit. After that I will be doing a run of shows in Australia then back for some more in Europe. In the meantime I’m busy recording another record. “Country Star” the new one is a full-blown studio album and now that I have got that off my chest I feel the urge to get simple again so I have set up a stereo ribbon mic in my dogbox studio at home and when the mood grabs me I sing a song into it. I’m pretty happy so far with those recordings as they are – most of them anyway. Some of them are asking for more sounds or the input of other musicians but a lot of them arent. That kinda stuff fascinates me once I get started – it’s as if the song knows what it wants. Follow the song. And, well, I cant wait to get back to the place below. Nice full moon pic I found of the Macleay River.