Shows come and shows go but the music sticks around

A show will come in out of the blue then dissappear into thin air like a bubble bursting the moment it hits the surface. Thats what Covid is like. Ive had 3 or 4 of these tenuous, transient offers come up in the last few weeks. Here one second gone the next. My gig list currently has 3 shows on it – they seem to have survived so far. Im not looking any further into the future than that. Everyone in the business is hedging their bets. So am I. Covid has just intensified things by putting what was already shifty onto even shiftier sands. I learnt long ago that it’s best to just focus on the things I can influence, like finishing a song or an album, enjoying the day job, being with family…stuff like that. The latter is a tough call for me because half of my family are locked up away from me in Fortress Australia. Shows come and shows go but all I really want to do is write music and record it so I can hear it back to see what it sounds like. It helps. Thats it..the shows can wait. The picture below reminds me of how we are hard wired for survival. And how the music sticks around.