Song Crew!!

Left to Right: Stefan Wolfs (guitars &  pedal steel), Mischa Porte (drums & percussion), Madelief van Vlijmen (bass, keys, synths and bvs) listening back to our work in Bethlehemkerk Studio 150, Amsterdam, May 2021

Making a record with these guys was very easy. I mean, they are all well-trained, vibey, experienced players but you need more than that to make music breathe. We were in a big posh studio where the pressure of time vs money was an omni-present reality but we didnt crack, choke or become hesitant. We somehow managed to create a climate together that allowed our individual qualities to surface and mix freely. I think they call that CHEMISTRY when it happens. Free energy. Thats what we recorded. I think you are going to hear that in the new album when its ready. I hope we can get out there and play some shows in this formation when the time is ripe. Ive called them SONG CREW because they are the “crew” that bring the recordings of these songs to life, with their magic. RespekT & Lurve.